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You’ll make connections with other consultants and build your support network, whether you come once or every month.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is currently an evaluation consultant or who is aspiring to be an evaluation consultant.

What's a Squad Social?

It's an informal virtual gathering. We join an online meeting and talk to other people.

What happens during a Squad Social?

We start with sharing recent wins, and then we casually chat with each other. If someone has a business-related or evaluation-related question, they bring it up. Or we talk about the weather. Or dogs. Or whether pineapple is encouraged or discouraged on pizza. Whatever comes up.

Get the deets...

When are they?

Every second Tuesday of the month from 2:00 - 2:45pm PT.


As consultants, we are often at home or at the office alone, with nobody to bounce ideas off or interact with. These gatherings give us virtual human contact, so we feel less lonely and have an excuse to brush our hair and put on clothing that isn't obviously made for sleeping. We make connections with other consultants and broaden our support network.

We also get each others' perspectives about issues we're facing in our businesses and get some free coaching from Tamara, the coach that leads the Change Makers Legion.

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