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My story might be like yours.

When I started consulting back in 2008, I was so overwhelmed. I knew how to do evaluation, but I was not prepared for how little of my new role as a business owner was about doing client work.

Right away, I invested $10,000 into a marketing consultant. That was a complete waste. I didn't know what I needed or what to look for. They didn't understand my services or who I served. I paid for a useless marketing plan.

Burned from this experience, I started to learn everything I could about running a business. Thankfully, I built a supportive community of other consultants, and discovered business frameworks which aligned with my values and purpose.

I now share my lessons learned, tools, and support with other evaluation consultants, so they can succeed faster and more easily than I did.

The economy is shaky, but your business is your key to stability. Now is the time to strengthen and grow, rather than retreat.

- Tamara Hamai


Cut through the chaos. Move from feeling overwhelmed to in control. You'll know exactly what to work on and when. You have a plan for action, and you're following it.

Walk with your head held high. Your focus will be on quality, not quantity, of work. You'll have the mindset, tools, and systems in place to be operating a peak performance.


Connect with like-minded people. Running a business is hard. Not everyone gets it. You'll have people who will recognize your wins, but also be a shoulder to cry on and bounce ideas off when things are tough.


What will you gain?

Become a Change Maker

Instead of depending on luck, you’ll intentionally design your ideal business to hit the goals you have for your business. You’ll know exactly what you should work on, so you won’t be busy – you’ll be effective. It isn’t about doing what everyone else is doing. It is about doing the right thing for your business, right now.

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